G.O.C. to resume works on Costa da Morte Highway

In March this year, G.O.C. has resume the work of Technical Assistance to AUCOM, concessionaire of the highway Costa da Morte, paralyzed since May 2013.
Costa da Morte Highway begins on the junction of Carballo with the highway AG-55, and ends in Santa Irene (Vimianzo). It has a length of 26,540 metres: 25,410 metres of highway section and 2,150 metres of corridor section.
The highway section consists of 2 carriageways with 2 lanes of 3.50 m, 2.5 m exterior hard shoulder, 1.5 m interior hard shoulder and a 2 m median strip. The total width of the roadbed is 24 m. 
The corridor section contains 1 carriageway of 12 m with 2 lanes of 3.50 m and 2.5 m shoulders. This section has 8 junctions: Carballo, Coristanco, Agualada, Rempenin, Zas, East Baio, North Baio and Santa Irene.
The most significant work units are:
• Earthworks.- There are 7,355,000 m3 of cuttings and 4.76 million m3 of filling
• Road surface.-There are 168,500 m3 of soil cement and 238,000 tons of hot mix asphalt
• Structures .- Includes 1441.5 m of viaducts: Anllóns (2x170.0 m); Rego da Balsa (2x70.0 m), Rego de Gatos (2x247.5 m), Calvar (167.5 y 179.0 m), Fornelos (1x40.0 m) and Grande I (1x80.0 m). It also includes 15 flyovers, 18 underpasses and 39 cross drainage works.
The budget of the project amounts to € 162,051,980.20. The works are expected to be completed by the end of July 2016.