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Management, control and surveillance of work
The experience achieved in management, control and surveillance of all kind of works has led us to devise an integrated service that combines these activities by means of a multidisciplinary team of technicians that ensure the technical quality throughout the construction process.  G.O.C. can provide this service since we count on qualified staff in all specialities.
We have also an organizational structure capable of providing both staff and material means at any point where they are required.

Quality Control
The G.O.C. inspection and testing units offer a wide range of actions to undertake the quality control in the construction process, such as:
  • Test of construction materials.
  • On site tests.
  • Test of operating facilities.
G.O.C. has accredited laboratories for testing construction materials. They have modern testing and inspection equipments, which make possible to install on site laboratories in addition to undertake the control of unique works.
The running and operation tests for facilities enable to verify its proper operation, in order to make sure that these facilities provide the level of comfort and performance for which they are designed. Our information systems make possible a fluent communication with the client.
Through reports, minutes and other means, in addition to results, observations and recommendations that the client can apply are incorporated.
The proceedings as a Quality Control in Construction (ECCE) where we have a wide experience are part of this service.

Monitoring and Environmental Studies
G.O.C. prepares studies on Assessment of Environmental Impact which is a wide-spread technical and legal instrument that allows applying measures of environmental adaptation and preservation in new plans, projects or activities.
Moreover, G.O.C. develops Technical Assistance to follow up the Environmental Monitoring Program, as well as Environmental Surveillance for works that do not possess Studies of Impact or Effects.

Technical Studies (Geotechnics, acoustics, building pathology)
G.O.C. has the capability and experience to face up to any technical study during any stage of the work. However, the following areas are specially reinforced:

Geotechnical Studies
G.O.C. gathers a high-level experience in geotechnical engineering, both in construction and infrastructures.
Soil characterization is a determining factor of the project to be implemented, and therefore Geotechnical advice is essential to carry out a proper design, implementation and operation of the project.
Consequently, the engineers of the Geotechnical area not only produce simple reports of results based on the surveys carried out, but they act as consultants for the best overall solution in cooperation with designers, reckoners and ownership, as a member of the project team.
The actions in this activity are framed in the field of architectural acoustics as well as environmental acoustics. Both of them have specific services for each phase of work: predictive studies, projects, control and measurement in any field. (for further information)

Pathology in construction
Studies of pathology are the tool to establish the determinants of arising damages and anomalies in buildings, to analyze the impact of damage on its safety and functionality and to propose solutions or corrective measures. G.O.C. has an advanced methodology for carrying out such studies, which combine inspections of prior diagnosis, auscultation with the most advanced technologies, laboratory or on-site tests, safety assessment, analysis of alternative solutions and its  economic impact on the work.