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Surfing on the net you can find plenty of jokes about what it’s a consultant. All of them can be summarized as “someone who appears unexpectedly in order to sell “something” without any knowledge about it to somebody who doesn’t need it at all.”
We assume that there may be some truth in it, but GOC wants to flee from the topic.

Using the knowledge that our extensive technical experience in the field of building and infrastructure construction gives us, we strive to understand the needs of our clients when dealing with a job, and we are only satisfied when we make sure that our work has really paid off.

Consultancy is a well-practiced task with high added value in which the relationship with the customer must go far beyond a simple supplier/customer relationship. It is closer to that of partners sharing the same goals or belonging to the same structure.

We don’t intend to advise anyone on what we don’t know. But we do believe that our knowledge of the world of construction and management of services is extremely useful for those customers (companies, investors, organizations and representatives of public organizations) who need to take on projects of this type. We can advise the client from the initial stages of the problem, prepare the strategic planning and design of the operation until the delivery of goods for its use. We focus on reducing the customers’ uncertainties in order to protect their investment.

Strategic consultancy, as opposed to simple technical consultancy, related to the work of engineering, aims to:
  • support clients in making key decisions for the development of their activities (feasibility studies, identification of business opportunities).
  • add value by developing solutions tailored to meet real customer needs,
  • develop the capabilities of the client so that the solutions are effective and sustainable over time.
The links below will take you to a sample of these types of work:
  • Those made in the design stages of the idea and early development, which we identify as investment consulting; we apply different techniques such as sociological research, market research, economic and financial research, et cetera.
  • Those focused on the realization of this idea, where project management techniques are applied (with the same philosophy we apply to our internal management) and it’s known as Programme and Project Management.
  • Those specialized in the implementation of sustainability criteria and energy efficiency to the construction of new infrastructure and rehabilitation of existing ones.