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G.O.C., originally, was a company closely linked to on-site technical assistance. During the early years of operation we acquired a wide experience on the reality of how to construct. What could be done and what not. We understood that the drawing on paper was a theoretical objective, and we received many projects to control that have no manual. The same result could be achieved in different ways and that sometimes there was no way to get it.

So when we decided to work on engineering, we wanted to apply all the accumulated knowledge setting several goals: 
  • Our project documents were clear, coherent and understandable
  • Offering our customers the best possible solution, after defining what they considered "best"
  • Making constructible the projected work
We think (and, at some level, we are absolutely sure) that we have contributed significantly to improving the overall quality of projects in Spain in the last few years.
In G.O.C. the same principles are applied to both building and infrastructure projects. While in recent years usually the work object includes the very conception of projected work, whether road, rail or supply and sanitation networks, in building, we are specialized in making detailed engineering in close collaboration with many important architecture firms. Today, the technological evolution of processes and materials requires constant updating, in order to offer the best results in challenging fields as hospitals, airport terminals or prisons. It is no coincidence that G.O.C. promoted a postgraduate course in Building Engineering with the University of Vigo.
We have into our business structure highly skilled technical areas as Geotechnics, Structural Calculations, Calculation of Facilities, Environment, Acoustics and others, in order to give coherence to the overall project. Because calculation is not the aim of engineers. Calculation is just one of the tools used by engineers to express the solution as a result of their reflection on the design problem. And we also know that our project is not a final goal for our client, but only one stage in the whole construction process, but crucial to defend their interests and clarify uncertainties on their investment. That is the value we really provide as engineering.