Consultoría, Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados de la Construcción. GOC S.A.
Management of knowledge and Innovation
The fundamental essence of G.O.C. is the ability to generate and transfer knowledge. This transfer takes place both externally and internally among its staff. For us, knowledge is the key to create value, we have learned how to manage it, and this is one of our greatest strengths. We incorporate knowledge into the provided services, we use it internally to innóvate and then we transmit it to our environment. We want to return this knowledge.


The concern for restoring the acquired knowledge has led us to create the G.O.C. Chair in collaboration with the Serafín Ocaña Foundation and the University of Vigo, with the aim of promoting the dissemination of technology, a catalyst for improving competitiveness of companies, and a specific training for professionals. The effectiveness proved in the management of knowledge as a basis for innovation was one of the reasons why we have been awarded the Prize Galicia 2005 for business innovation.

The essential aims of the Serafin Ocaña Foundation are the promotion, development and dissemination of knowledge and the research of technologies related to infrastructures and building, as well as architecture and related engineering.
Other objectives are the promotion, dissemination, and financing of culture, arts and humanities as a fundamental part of human development.

This Chair, arising from the collaboration with the University of Vigo and the Serafín Ocaña Foundation, aims to promote the training projects and the transfer of knowledge through publications, lectures, másters,  courses and any action that meets this goal.