Consultoría, Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados de la Construcción. GOC S.A.
Integrated Management System
Quality Policy
G.O.C. has always opted for well done work and therefore was the first national company in its sector achieving the ISO 9001 quality certificate. G.O.C. quality philosophy is based on two basic pillars:
  • Rigorous work, the developed activities are supported by diverse accreditations and certifications.
  • The continuous improvement taken on by all staff and boosted by the company management that guarantees a constant quest for processes and rendered services.

The main objective for G.O.C. is to contribute to the quality of the civil works, which is also the aim of its quality policy. This final purpose leads the development of the guidelines on quality.
 G.O.C. believes that its monitoring activity is not an aim by itself, but a tool which must make possible to offer the best advice to its customers about problems that could appear along the process which starts writing a project and ends with the delivery of the final work to its owner.
 The final purpose is to reach the point where the construction work or, widely, the product that the customer receives, has all the guarantees of quality that are required to properly fulfill the need for which it was designed, and also offers to its users a suitable service in terms of security and functionality. As any part of a working chain has its own interests and it is necessary to find a break-even point to reconcile all the different perspectives, G.O.C. believes that this break-even point is precisely the fair and impartial defense of the interests of its closer customers.
 A point is sought, one where G.O.C.´s brand is identified with the quality of the service that it provides, with the impartiality of the monitoring it performs and with the reliability of the advice that it provides. That is why G.O.C. services aim for a total reliability, in a way that the company could be considered as an authority in this field.
 In order to fulfill all these purposes, G.O.C. aspires to complete as much as possible its range of offers, making them to be more essential than those of its competitors.
 The process of quality improvement would never end, and that provides the company with a corporate culture that is a competitive advantage by itself.

Serafín Ocaña Eiroa
Environmental Policy

The respect for the environment, the fulfillment of the current legislation and the concern for the implication of all the participants of the constructive process in these values, lead G.O.C. to document a Environment Policy, as a way to compromise with the achievement of those principles.

The company G.O.C., in the framework of its Environmental Management Policy, assumes a compromise of respect with regulation and other environmental requirements taken on by itself, with pollution prevention and with continuous improvement, including transparency towards their staff, customers, local communities and authorities.
The Chairperson has delegated in the Management Director and in the Chief of the Quality and Environmental Department the establishment and verification of the level of performance of an Environmental Management System in the company. He holds the authority, means and independence necessary for the fulfillment of these tasks. A Handbook has been created, “Processes and Registers”, where the philosophy and the guidelines of the Environmental Management System are gathered, and all the members of the company would be responsible for the fulfillment of the rules that it contains.
Also included among the Working Teams activities are: the planning, coordination of the policy and objectives of the System, as well as the verification of the fulfillment of the requirements defined in this System.
For the fulfillment of these commitments, an Environmental Management System based on UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 is being introduced with the following goals:
 Promoting the application of environmental rules similar to those which were established in the company among the external collaborators
 Taking measures in search of continuous environmental improvement, assuring a respectful interaction with the environment
 Adopting the necessary measures in order to prevent and reduce the pollution to the environment by the company
 Assuring the fulfillment of environmental protection-related legislation
 Creating the most suitable means to make this policy available to the public
The Management will make sure that these Policies are understood and fulfilled in all the different levels of the company. The Direction will establish the objectives and check the level of fulfillment of the respective inspections of the system.
The environmental awareness in the company will be also present in the R&D&i, developing environmental-concerned services and addressed to its improvement, as much as possible.
Serafín Ocaña Eiroa