Consultoría, Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados de la Construcción. GOC S.A.

We are a company dedicated to consulting, engineering and integrated services for building, both in the area of building and the infrastructure.
Effectively address those business lines, thanks to our ability to manage and integrate the knowledge gained through experience, information and training.
Our goal is to provide maximum value to our customers. To achieve this we engage in achieving their goals in close cooperation including, where necessary, temporal integration within their organizations or teams.
 The vision of G.O.C. is aimed to be a group:
  • Consolidated among the most important Spanish engineering companies by turnover.
  • With an international development based on the establishment in Latin America, without neglecting other business opportunities in any geographical area.
  • Distinguished by the quality of its professional work.
  • Innovative, in continuous search for new markets and services to provide and maintain a sustained growth.
  • That provides its employees with opportunities for personal and professional development to attract and retain the best.
  • That contributes to the improvement and growth of society.
  • That remains, maintaining a sustained profitability for shareholders and employees today and tomorrow. 
Our people. Our greatest value
We encourage their motivation and involvement.
We believe in their sense of responsibility, in their pursuit of excellence and pride in their profession.
We help them in their training and personal development, reconciling the objectives of the company with the personal ones.
We create a comfortable environment to exploit the potential of each one. We promote those who, in addition to vocational training, show human quality, ease of communication and empathy.
We offer a structure that facilitates teamwork.
We listen and try to answer them all.
We guarantee objectivity, independence of criteria and confidentiality in the relationship with our clients.
We stablish relationships based on loyalty, to our staff, our suppliers, our partners, as well as our clients.
We are truthful in what we say and do. We look for solutions, not create problems and we always respect our commitments.
We like our work and we show it everyday. We transmit to our client that we are as professionals in our business as he is on his own.
We look for excellence as a goal of professional fulfilment, knowing the importance of the effort to improve every day.
Innovation and dynamism
Our history shows that we are creative and innovative. We continuously regenerate accessing to new markets, devising new services, developing tools and management techniques, taking advantage of new technologies, reinventing what once was a success, correcting errors. The same dynamism is applied within our company in the relationship with our client as a response of capacity and versatility.