Consultoría, Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados de la Construcción. GOC S.A.
Reference Works
G.O.C. makes roads. Do not build, but makes. Some of our earlier works, more than twenty years ago, were quality control at State roads. Immediately we were providing technical assistance to the Work Management. On the one side, in widening and improvement works. On the other side, in highways and motorways.
Ten years later, we were managing the technical assistance in the Atlantic Highway with a team of twenty people on site. Once we reached a top point in work experience, we decided to add value to our clients by drawing up well-conceived and studied projects from a constructive point of view that then, we seldom received to perform as Work Management. We put everything we had learned in these projects, and the resulting documents were clear, conherent and executable, beyond a mere formal quality. From there, we went to the road planning, with the fixed focus on territory integration, a point beyond the mere technical design.  And why not, in a future we plan to participate in infrastructure management.
With this history, after more than fifty contracts, working in nearly a thousand kilometres, it is easy to understand why we say that G.O.C. is only an engineering company but we do roads. Because in each of those thousand kilometres we have more than our technical know-how: an imprint, something personal, something of our lives, something involving our client, a quality, all this makes possible that we can proudly say that this stretch is ours.

   Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección General de Carreteras
Budget execution
   26,5 million €
   2004 - 2008