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Urban Engineering
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To take part in the city is a delicate matter. It is like doing an open-heart surgery, subjected to the scrutiny of the patient, moving between the monitoring, prevention and curiosity.

Our cities became larger and some too fast. To keep pace with the society that lives there, they need to acquire new infrastructure and services, which often overlap each other due to a short-term planning. Other kinds of actions, such as programs for the recovery of living conditions in old quarters, have similar problems.

Urban planning is a medicine that prevents some of the traumatic effects in a less invasive way, by allowing deadlines to mature ideas, defining targets and prioritizing and managing projects over time.Even so, it will be inevitable that any work in the city centre determines for a few months the lives of citizens.

And almost always we talk about complex works in construction processes, whether building or infrastructure, which use low performance techniques, and in which there is no irrelevant detail because the project and the construction are a succession of details and particular cases requiring fine line, global vision, imagination, great knowledge and decision-making skills every day.

For all that we like downtown works, because we are professionals and enjoy our job. And we suffer while we plan or while the work is executed, but it fills us with satisfaction when we see the work come true.

   Ministerio de Fomento. ADIF - Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias