Consultoría, Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados de la Construcción. GOC S.A.
Energy and Waste Management
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From the first moment, G.O.C. had the vocation to be multidisciplinary, able to take on knowledge in many fields and specialities, with the aim of providing an integrated service to more customers and ensure our growth. Perhaps it is the nature of those who contributed to this growth from leadership positions, but we can say that, at least, we are a “concerned company”.
After a prior pioneer experience, the wind energy flourished in Spain from mid nineties and today enjoys an excellent health. Galicia was one of the places where it shot up, aided by its extraordinary natural conditions. And G.O.C. was there, by then a reputable company in the field of industrial facilities, but able to provide, in addition, a comprehensive service, including from Geotechnics to civil works.
Since those days in which the installed power was measured in kilowatt fractions, to the present in which a single turbine can produce more than three megawatts, we participated in some 140 different contracts for wind farms located in twenty provinces, which account for nearly 800 megawatts, about 6% of the installed power in Spain. And we worked abroad in Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and China.... How in 1995 we went to work deep inside China, and how a group of Chinese technicians came to Vigo to receive construction training is a story that deserves to be told, but it will be another time and in a larger area than this.
The treatment and use of waste is an area developed in Spain at the pace of general developments in the country and its society needs. G.O.C. also contributed to the implementation of pioneer plants, in experiments involving the use of recycled materials and R & D works on the use of solid waste from construction and energy valuation of waste, in collaboration with managing companies.
We have also worked in biomass plants and cogeneration facilities. We participated in the study and installation of photovoltaic power plants. We developed ways of harnessing solar energy in buildings. From our designs, we promoted the introduction of policies, methods and technologies that improve energy efficiency of buildings for a sustainable growth and resource savings.

   Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. Aguas de la Cuenca del Norte (acuaNorte)
Budget execution
   € 115,9 million
   2012 - 2017