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Water and Environment
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In most of the business lines developed by G.O.C., we travelled a path that, from the basic activities, leads us to those of higher added value. Indeed, we are a professionalised company, however, Environment runs away of that pattern.
In the early nineties Vigo received an extraordinary amount of investment in supply and sanitation from the Feder funds. The investment program would be developed on a short term, and there was an emergency list only supported by a very generic document related to the overall problem and the objectives to be resolved. For almost three years we made a great effort in hydrological studies, preliminary projects and works of sanitation, purification and supply management, which resulted in the creation of an expert and interdisciplinary team (Hydraulics, Geotechnics, Civil Works, electromechanical equipment) in these matters.
Since then, that team grew and has diversified its purposes, undertaking works on dams, channelling, hydrological renovation, management of water resources ... The highest level of  experience is reached in the coordination and verification of projects within the A.G.U.A. Programme, with many different types of work, including several desalination plants. Today, the Environment area is one of the pillars of our internationalization process, with significant short-term expectations.
But, it often happens that we specially are fond of some works, even though they were not very bulky. So, many years after our first project, and some thousands of miles of pipeline built, we shape up the Waste Waters Master Plan of Vigo.

   Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. Confederación Hidrográfica del Miño-Sil
Budget execution
   € 22,6 million