Consultoría, Ingeniería y Servicios Integrados de la Construcción. GOC S.A.
Civic Buildings
Reference Works
Culture, Justice, Education, Sport, Commerce and many other community and social activities are developed in premises and buildings that we call "civic buildings". Such buildings have a common bond, first, service to the community as main aim, and second, that characterize their environments and relations between citizens and them.

G.O.C. is aware of the complexity involved in effectively meet these objectives, and fondly developed all the necessary skills to combine knowledge, management skills and technology. All this enables to develop complex architectural projects where the functionality, efficiency, habitability, innovation and sustainability are objective realities. And every day we continue learning because there are every day new challenges to face up.
After twenty years, the successful performances of many unique buildings speak on our behalf.

Moreover, we are citizens and also users of Culture, Justice, Education, Sports or Business, and we are proud to be enjoying something that we helped to build by providing our work in good cooperation with our clients.

   GIESE. Gerencia de Infraestructuras y Equipamiento de la Seguridad del Estado
Budget execution
   € 11 million
   2007 - 2011