Culture City of Galicia. Santiago de Compostela
Fundación Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
Budget execution
€ 110 million

Complex of buildings, designed by the American architect Peter Eisenman and located in Santiago de Compostela, each of them to house different uses inherent in cultural activity of the Galician people.
The buildings are:
  • Library of Galicia
  • Galician Archives
  • Museum of Galicia
  • Centre for Music and Performing Arts
  • International Art Centre
  • Central Services
  • Surroundings.
The City of Culture of Galicia rises on the top of mount Gaiás as a formidable architectural milestone for the new century and will host the best of cultural expressions of Galicia, Spain, Europe, Latin America and the World.
Its unique buildings, interconnected by streets and squares equipped with cutting-edge technology make up a space of excellence for reflection, debate and actions aimed towards Galicia´s future and internationalization.
Its spaces shall host services and activities devoted to the preservation of heritage and memory, the study, research, experimentation, production and dissemination in the field of literature and thinking, music, drama, dance, film, the visual arts, audiovisual creation and communication.
As a place for convergence and international projection, the City of Culture of Galicia shall revitalize in the 21st century the twofold vocation -voyager and hospitable- of Galician people, contributing from a cultural standpoint to its social and economic development.

Coordination and monitoring of drawing up the execution project for the construction of the “Culture City of Galicia“.

Specific studies such as identification of wind loads on buildings in the Culture City, finite element analysis of stress state on the outercoating surface of stone and analysis of criteria of acceptance and rejection in stone used in both roof and facade.

During the execution of the utilities, the staff assigned to the work made the inspection of the reinforced concrete structure, verifying the redesign of the main building axis, waterproofing of the upper slabs and cladding of walls with subsequent fillings and execution of the sill plate. As well as testing of materials used in the structure.

In the building Galician Archives verification of the foundation was made by checking piles and subsequent inspections of the implementation of the metallic structure of the work through non-destructive testing.

The staff on site inspected the Museum of Galicia and the Centre for Music and Performing Arts with the support of other technical assistance, from topographic layout to implementation of the different existing structures, civil works items and facilities. Also studies of the different materials used on site have been implemented to verify its compliance with current regulations.