Duero Motorway Project (A-11). Section: Variant of Aranda de Duero
Ministerio de Fomento.Dirección General de Carreteras.
Budget execution
€ 80,3 million

Stretch of highway realignment, for the Motorway del Duero (A-11). All planned route passes south of the town of Aranda de Duero for just over 15 km, the second half parallel to Canal Guma. We include two links, one with the Highway A-1, providing direct connection between branches of highways and feeder roads on roundabouts for access from the C-603 (link 16 moves and 3 heights). There is a viaduct on the former Canal NI and Guma, plus two feet on the said canal, on the railway line and several steps above and below (in addition to the necessary structures for the links listed above, including the passage on A-1).
Study design and layout alternatives and assessing them. Geological and geotechnical study of the corridor and the foundations of structures. Study and design of drainage elements. Study of structural types and calculation of the final solutions. Traffic study. Typology and economic study firm. Environmental Analysis. Study of Safety and Health.