Freeway Access to A Coruña and connection to the Airport Alvedro. Section: Zapateira-A6
Ministerio de Fomento.Dirección General de Carreteras.
Budget execution
59.73 million euros

This activity is aimed at the construction of the Zapateira - Road A-6 of the motorway access to A Coruña, with a length of 6 km, and the access ramp to Airport Alvedro of 2.8 km in length.

In this way provides the city of a new access will ease the heavy traffic in the Atlantic Highway A-9. This road will connect to an expressway other areas such as the University and the industrial areas of South and East. Also solves the problem of poor communication from the city to its airport.

2 false tunnels are planned, plus 2 overpasses and roundabouts needed.
G.O.C. performs the tasks of the Department of Work until the commissioning, with a team of fifteen people.