Costa da Morte Highway. Stretch: Carballo - Santa Irene.
AUCOM. Concesionaria da Xunta de Galicia, S.A.
Budget execution
162,7 Mill. EUR

Costa da Morte highway is an extension of the current AG-55, A Coruña to Carballo, connecting Carballo and the municipality of Zas (Baio),  passing by the municipalities of Coristanco and Cabana de Bergantinos, with a length of 25, 9 Km.  A 2.1 Km corridor is contemplated between North Baio intersection, at the end of the highway, and Santa Irene intersection with AC-552.
Highway type section: 2 two-laned carriageway of 3.50 m. each lane, 2.5 m wide outside shoulders, 1.5 m. interior shoulders and 2 m. central reservation. Total:24 metres.
Corridor type section: 1 two-laned carriageway of 3.50 m. each lane and 2.5 m. outside shoulders. Total: 12 metres.
Intersections: The stretch has 8 intersections: Carballo (with AG-55), Coristanco, A Gualada, Rempenin, Zas, Baio East, North and Santa Irene (with AC-552).
Earthworks: 7,355,000 m3 excavation and 4,760,000 m3 filling.
Drainage works: 39
Pavements: 168,500 m3 of concrete soil and 238,000 tons of hot-mix asphalt.
Viaducts: 6 Ud (1441.5 m). Anllóns (2x170,0 m); Rego da Balsa (2x70,0 m); Rego de Gatos (2x247,5 m); Calvar (167.5 and 179.0 m); Fornelos (1x40,0 m), Grande I (1x80,0 m).
Overpasses: 15
Underpasses: 18
GOC is actively involved in its execution by performing the works with a site team which brings a comprehensive expertise in control and monitoring work development.