Public Technology High School in Callao
Gobierno Regional del Callao (Perú)
Budget execution
$ 13 million
2014 - 2015


The works must be carried out ​​within one year, and the service has been contracted by an amount of 946,808.40 Peruvian soles (approximately € 255,000.00). The proposed works are worth 32,403,000.00 Peruvian soles (approximately € 8.73 million). The building will be built on a plot of about 22 thousand square meters, owned by the regional government and located near the Stadium Miguel Graú and the Regional Olympic Village.

It will be a first class technology campus. Courses of gastronomy, electricity, English, management or auto mechanics will be taught. It will feature workshops, libraries and conference room for 250 people. It is a commitment to the integration of young people in lower classes and a way to prevent crime, with a first class education.


Continuously monitor the implementation process of the work and deal with inquiries made ​​by the contractor, including monitoring, direct technical and administrative control of the activities to be executed.

Some of the obligations included in the services are the following: to supervise the designs, to confirm the layout and topographic surveys, to carry out the quality tests for soil and concrete mechanics, as well as laboratory tests, to draw up the measurements and to make the valorisation of the work progress; to participate in the process of receiving the work.