North access to Ferrol passing through Fene, Neda anda Narón. Section: Trench road (N-653) - Ponto intersection (C-642).
Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección General de Carreteras
Budget execution
26,5 million €
2004 - 2008


The road has 4.949 km. length. It is a city-area highway with 2 two-laned roads. The wide paved by road is 10 m. (2 lanes of 3.5 m., 2.5 m. outside shoulder and inner shoulder of 0.5 m.). The platform width is 21. 2 m. (2 lanes of 10.0 m. and a 1.20 m. central reservation).

It includes the following structures:
3 overpasses
5 underpasses
1 pergola
1 double-decked viaduct over the estuary of Ferrol (one for highway, 19.60 m. wide, and one for railway, 6.15 m. wide).
5 footbridges
6 walls: 1 reinforced soil (reinforced earth), 2 ripraped and 3 stoned masonry.

Other relevant information:

Earth movement: excavation of 744,212 mᵌ clearing and 636,225 mᵌ embankment.
Pavement: 32,410 mᵌ of artificial crushed gravel and 75,632 metric tons of hot mix asphalt.
Piling: 2,125 m. structures foundation.
Concrete screen walls: 5,055 m².
Absorbing noise screens: 3,480 m²

G.O.C. carried out the technical assistance and monitoring of the works.