Alternative bypass San Francisco - Mocoa (Colombia)
INVÍAS (Instituto Nacional de Vías de Colombia)
Budget execution
$ 500.000 million COP
2010 - 2016

The project is located between the municipalities of San Francisco and Mocoa in Putumayo department in Republic of Colombia.
60% of the detour is located in the Forest Reserve, at the Upper Basin of Rio Mocoa, therefore, very important environmental considerations are taken into account in the project design. The department territory is also part of the Colombian Amazon region; its capital is the city of Mocoa and has an area of 24,885 km².
The projected San Francisco –Mocoa bypass has a length of 45.6 km. compared to the current road which connects the two main towns by a 78 km. steeped-terrain road of very low specifications, by which runs the transit from Mocoa to Pasto City.
The topography that crosses the project ranges from mountain to sheer, with elevations ranging from 500 to 3,800 meters above the sea level and connects three distinct areas that configured a wide variety of ecosystems that home to all ranges in temperature.
It requires the construction of 49 bridges, 25 of which are located at the work front of Mocoa and 24 at San Francisco´s. The approximate length of these structures is 2,754 m. Most of these bridges are located on streams or waterways. However, some of them were designed as step-structures to overcome deep ravines (with no drainage) to avoid interfering with the road alignments.
Consulting services related to technical, administrative, legal and accounting audit, including reviewing and adjustment of existing designs and studies as well as property taxes, social and environmental management.
Pavement construction of a singled-lane road, including the construction of viaducts, earthworks, drainage works, concrete structure and environmental requirements.
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