Juntion in Curro between Sanxenxo and Arousa highways, A-9 highway and PO-531 Road.
Xunta de Galicia. CMATI. Subdirección Xeral de Estradas
Budget execution
€ 37,8 million

Curro intersection will connect the highways “AP-9”, “Salnés” (AG-41), “PO-531” (Pontevedra-Vilagarcia) and “PO-300” (Meis-Cambados-Ribadumia-Vilanova). It will also be the essential structure of the connections to the future Pontevedra-Vilagarcía (AG-47) and Pontevedra-Vigo (A-57) highways and the access to the industrial estates of Barro-Meis.

The intersection is divided into three main levels:
• Lower level: Salnés axis that connects “Salnés” highway with “AP-9”.
• Intermediate level: An exchanger formed by a 200 m. diameter circular branch, which allows carrying out all the necessary movements between the principal axes.
• Upper level: “Curro-Baión” axis connecting “PO-531” highway towards Pontevedra with the future “Vilagarcia de Arousa” highway (AG-47).
• Crossing the previous levels, four direct branches are arranged for the main traffics. The intersection with other axes is solved by building overpasses.

The work includes more than 18 km. road, 5.4 km correspond to two main axes and the remaining 12.6 km to branches.

The following structures stand out:
• A 233 m. viaduct.
• 5 overpasses.
• 5 underpasses (stands out a 94 m. fake tunnel and an 84 m. one).
• 1 faunal overpass.
• 22 transverse drainage works.

Other relevant information:
• Earthworks: 1.8 mill mᵌ of clearings and 1.3 mill mᵌ embankment.
• Occupied area: 62,5 hectares.

Technical complexity that arises in the implementation of the work:
• Expropriations: The work affects part of a quarry, a crushing plant, a plant of sand and gravel for construction, a karting track, a 5-story building, several industrial buildings and homes.
• Orography: Rock grounds, skittles and rot granite have been found, topped with a lot of inappropriate material (mud stuffing and quarries waste).

Simultaneity of the works with the maintenance of the road traffic: has not been possible to cut the vials in use to carry out the works. In addition, there have been occasional controlled blasting cuts. Also, there have been demolitions overnight to open the road during the day.

G.O.C.is actively involved in the works execution by monitoring it with a team on site, and has also contributed to redefine the project and work to execute.
At present, G.O.C. participates in the phase of work implementation by doing a comprehensive Technical Assistance. The team on site brings their expertise in the development of work control and surveillance,-both geometric and of execution-, assistance to the Project Management for engineering and draft reports and support to the technical office.