Evaluation of bids for the award of public service for street cleaning and solid waste collection and transportation in Ourense
Ayuntamiento de Ourense


The purpose of works was to support the Ourense Town Council in the evaluation of tenders for the award of public service for street cleaning and solid waste collection and transportation within its geographical scope, which comprises just over hundred thousand inhabitants.

Following the structure of specifications for the concession tender, a methodology based on examination and qualification of the technical documentation, and the analysis of the financial offer and administrative documentation were proposed.

Once the phase of verification of formal requirements got past, a classic pattern based on the development of check lists was followed for the technical evaluation for each of the blocks in which the Terms and Conditions was structured (operational description of the service, Materials and Facilities and Organization). Finally, a scheme with a total of fifty-six points to score was reached.

When scoring proposals in each of these aspects, the internal coherence in terms of time commitment, available resources, frequencies, etc.., were particularly taken into account, besides appreciating  the detail level of study in each case.

All offers, fifteen in total since several bidders proposed alternative solutions, were scored individually. Once obtained and pooled each score , it was expanded according to specifications criteria so that the best obtained the highest score in each section.

After the result of the technical evaluation, the economic score was evaluated (automatically depending on the overall figures) and expressed the total sum of both weighted in accordance with the specifications.

The final report of the work contained all the steps taken and references to documentation from the proponents so that could be analyzed by another team.

Additionally, an analysis was made of the degree of economic and financial risk of each offer in accordance with information provided by proponents in their documentation.

The winning bidder made an offer slightly more than nine million euros for the concession of the service to ten years.