Sports Centre P.A.U. (Urban Development Plan) Carabanchel. Madrid
Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Budget execution
€ 14.1 million


The work includes a sports complex consisting of several outdoor sports courts, an indoor sports field, two swimming pools, aerobic and weight rooms and locker rooms throughout the complex.


Pre-implementation reports (Development, Building and Facilities)
A review of project documentation, analyzing its degree of definition. This control is to verify compliance with the CTE (Technical Building Code) and other applicable rules and test their level of definition, its quality and all aspects that may have impact on final quality of the planned building, ensuring the viability and constructivity of  elements, its proper implementation according to their design, and ensure the levels of finishes and functionality designed for each unit of work. The plans, measurements, specifications and memory are analyzed, verifying compliance with the basic requirements of the CTE (Technical Building Code).

Execution Control and Technical Assistance (Development, Building and Facilities)

Qualitative and quantitative control area performed,  verifying the following:
* Correspondence between the provisions of the Project  and Standards, and the really executed.
* Correspondence between the qualities of the materials provided in the draft with the actually executed on site.
The audit is carried out during the execution of the construction work and facilities by a systematic inspection and scheduled according to the rhythm of work, to ensure it is implemented in accordance with the approved project, specifications of the work and existing standards.
Technical reports that are prepared at the request of the Technical Management and/or Ownership both in the fields of Building and Facilities.
Control of Materials
As material is received on site and during its collection was carried out systematic monitoring of official approval certificates, technical suitability and certificates of quality of supplied materials, checking their characteristics fit with the requirements in the specifications, also storage conditions were monitored to guarantee their characteristics according to the manufacturer´s instructions.
A Control Testing Plan  was designed to adjust to current legislation susceptible materials and those that might be necessary to analyze because of its importance and /or peculiarity.

Reports and Final tests of facilities
-Finishings Report
A verification for reception of the work was made through a systematic control on 100% of them, verifying those aspects of allocations, qualities and finishes as well as the operation of machinery and fittings, visually detected or verifiable manually or by simple auxiliary equipment to allow reception and /or correction of any errors prior to delivery to users.
-Final tests of facilities
Final testing on the different facilities describing in detail the performed tests at each facility, with an analysis of the results and contrasting them both with the project specifications and with the applicable regulations in each case. In the conclusions section, we summarize the results and the recommendations and comments proposed according the test performed at each facility
-Book of Building
A book-manual of preventive maintenance for the different facilities of the building is produced, in order to optimize the management and conservation of the premises.