National Museum of Science and Technology
Diputación Provincial de A Coruña
Budget execution
€ 9.7 million


It is a dual building, where concrete and glass are parallel, creating two completely different spaces. One of them round, closed, opaque. Another one free, open and bright.

It is a glass prism of printed glass and exposed concrete of 38x38 m2,  planned for museum of science and technology, whose floors are the branches of a tree where the trunk is the core of the staircase and lift opposite the Tower of Hercules, that is now a world heritage site.

Built on a mixed structure of steel and exposed concrete walls with wood surface finish and very clean lines, seeking to combine the expressiveness of both materials in order to have a homogeneous set.

It will have the Boeing 747 "Lope de Vega“ inside, which brought the Guernica  painting by Picasso from New York, this is one of the star activities of the museum and you can visit it through three floors inside.

Materials testing, control and monitoring of the structure, building and  facilities, as well as technical assistance to the Technical Management.