Axis A52-Portuguese Border. Section: A52 High Capacity Road - South Celanova
AUCEL, Sociedade Concessionária da Xunta de Galicia
Budget execution
€ 77 million

New motorway which connects Ourense (A-52) with Celanova (OU-540), improving the communication between Ourense and Portugal.
Its length is 18.7 km and  includes four links, two of them diamond-type with weights (A Merca junction and A Barxa junction), a cloverleaf-type intersection (Celanova Centro junction) and a trumpet-type intersection (South Celanova junction). It also includes three viaducts of double T -beams (Rego do Porto viaduct of 161.4 m, Arnoia River viaduct of  199 and Ourille River viaduct  of 74.2 m) and 29 different level crossings.
Earthworks are approximately 4,691,000m3 of cuttings; 10% on rock; besides 3,760,000 m3 of embankments and rockfills.

Monitoring the Quality Assurance System; Project Analysis; Drawing up Supervision Plan for Quality Assurance ; Supervision of the implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan by Construction Contractors; Technical Assistance for execution Control; Monitoring the Works Investment and Scheduling; Monitoring of Road Safety; follow up of environmental impact corrective actions.

Fields covered in the design

Civil Works: cuttings and embankments; structures; pavements; drainage systems; utilities resetting; signalling and exploitation area.