Ceuta Prison
SIEP. Sociedad de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Penitenciarios
Budget execution
€ 78 million


The new prison is located in the westernmost part of Ceuta, between the Barrio del Príncipe Alfonso and the border with Morocco.
The proposal maintains the criteria of City Centre. This is a small town made up of 12 mini-centres, Cultural, Health, Sports and community and Productive services that cover all inmate needs, reducing the current transfers to external community services, and enhancing reintegration policy, final goal of the current Prison Authorities. All this in a floor area of 83.897m2.
The correctional facility is composed of: Access Control, Admission, Dismissal and Transits Building, Residential Module (8), Offices and Guard Corps, Communications Building, kitchens & facilities, utilities, Checkpoints (3), Service Headquarters, Communications, Cultural & Sport Centre, Nursing, Closed Module, Multi-Purpose Module (6), Gateway, Productive Workshops, Barbed Tapes and Fences, Patrol Walls, Interior and Exterior development. 
Works comprise the following actions:
  • Earthworks Project
  • Basic Project
  • Execution Project
  • Health and Safety Study