Highway A-8 of Cantábrico. Section: Regovide - Villalba (Lugo)
Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección General de Carreteras.
Budget execution
€ 26 million

New motorway route, which runs substantially parallel to the N-634 from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela, bypassing Villalba in the west.
Length is 5.8 km section includes a link diamond weight (Villalba West) and another link through overpass roundabout (North Villalba), a viaduct (Trimaz of 560 m length executed in situ by centering ), 7 underpasses overpasses and 8 overpasses.
The movement of earth is about 1,700,000 meters cubic clearing, with 15% of rock embankment and 1,500,000. It uses about 70,000 tons of hot bituminous mixtures of various types, including rolling draining PA-12.
System Monitoring Quality Assurance, Project analysis, Drafting Plan Monitoring Quality Assurance (PSAC) Monitoring the implementation of the Plan of Quality Assurance of the construction, technical assistance for the Control of execution; Monitoring of Investment and Jobs Program: Coordination of specific technical assistance (Safety and Health, Environmental Monitoring and Testing contrast) Road Safety Monitoring.