Malaga (A-45) highway. Stretch: Encinas Reales (N) - Encinas Reales (S)
Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección General de Carreteras
Budget execution
€10,8 million


The works start in Northern Encinas Reales, in a point placed in the west of the current N-331 road, near the intersection between this road and the A-344 that runs towards Rute, and finish in a point placed in the east of the current N-331 road, nearby the diamond type link between this road and the former N-331 that goes towards Benamejí city centre.

The projected stretch of the new highway has a total length of 4,000 m, plus 356 m of the A-344 road, changing its layout in order to facilitate the incorporation of this roadway to the Encinas Reales link road, besides 1,341 m of slip roads.

In the work, only the mentioned link of Encinas Reales is designed, which is located nearby the current intersection between the roads N-331 and A-344, and that is of the partial trumpet type with bond and roundabout. It will be necessary to have four structures, two overpasses and two underpasses.


Monitoring the Quality Assurance System; Project Analysis; writing up the Quality Assurance Supervision Plan; Supervision of the Quality Assurance Plan implementation by Construction Contractors; Technical Assistance for execution Control; Monitoring of the Works Investment and Scheduling.

Work Fields
Civil Works: cuttings and embankments; structures; pavements; drainage systems; utilities resetting; signalling